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KanaK Global Inc’s mature and proven onsite – offshore outsourcing model guarantees cost savings Not without a reason, various World leaders have set-up ODCs with Enterprise Solutions, Inc. and are realizing high returns on their IT investments.
KanaK Global was founded in 2008 to provide a total IT solution to businesses throughout India, USA, Europe and Middle East. KanaK Global’s main goal is to provide dependable and efficient solutions, through excellent service. We take pride in delivering responsive and timely solutions for all business and technology needs by understanding how high quality IT services and solutions can enable businesses to meet the economic and competitive challenges they will encounter in today's markets.
KanaK Global currently has Offshore Development Centers in India with an experience of setting up and managing number of ODCs for clients around the world. With state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure, our offshore centers work as a virtual extension of our client’s development environment providing 24x7 service. KanaK Global has provided a multiplicity of communication channels, automated project management tools, and distributed configuration management tools so that the perceived risk of distance and lack of control is reduced.
Offshore development is based on a long-term relationship with a partner. Enterprise Solutions, Inc. believes in building deep bonds with its clients and "virtually" becomes the extended arm of the client's organization. KanaK Global takes advantage of the time zone differences throughout the world, which, enable multiple shifts to work continuously on a 24/7 basis. Accelerated delivery of mission-critical applications is the biggest benefit of this.
KanaK Global recognizes the importance of security and confidentiality of proprietary information. We have built both physical and information processes to ensure the security and integrity of customer data and applications. At KanaK Global we have developed a robust methodology that allows us to get projects off the floor swiftly and then proceed on a predictable, low risk path for high quality results. This methodology employs our rich portfolio of reusable components and our distributed development model to offer cost and time benefits to our customers.
The distributed development model is based on our tried and tested methodology that follows these steps:
  • Scope Signing
  • Key Personnel Identification
  • Onsite Knowledge Acquisition
  • Offsite Simulation
  • Offsite Infrastructure Setup
  • Project Plan Signoff
  • Offsite Team Formation
  • Offsite Team Training
  • Offsite Project Execution -Pilot
  • Offsite Project Execution-Mainstream