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Miesha Tate
MMA Fighter Former UFC Women's World Champion Celebrity Big Brother Winner 2022 Kanak Naturals brand Ambassador
Thoughtfully designed products for
where people live, work and learn.
Well-crafted cabinetry to achieve
your design vision.
Problem-Solvers At Our Core
Finding problem-solving solutions to the industries we engage in is at the heart of what we do. Founded on innovation, performance, and partnership, we create opportunities for our customers to achieve success through our family of brands. Whether it’s through inventive new surface materials, well-crafted cabinetry, or problem-solving furniture for where people live, work and learn, exceptional quality and service drives everything we do.
Our Family Of Brands
As a leading manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL), our global network of manufacturing, distribution and sales has us strategically positioned to offer the latest surfacing solutions that complement the latest design trends.
Express your style and achieve ultimate functionality with our curated collection of cabinets, shelves, fixtures, tables, desks and chairs, all designed around the way people live, work and learn.
New Product Introductions

Calling All

From our culture of inclusivity to our focus on bringing out your best, we’re committed to elevating the potential of our people. Here, you’ll find a positive work environment where different ideas and new ways of thinking are encouraged. By harnessing the passion of our people and the power of our brands, we create meaningful work and opportunity for every member of our team.

We invite you to explore what Kanak can do for you. Contact us at: careers@kanakglobal.com

Social Responsibility

The Planet

We aim to make the world a better place by acting responsibly and putting people and the planet first. From sourcing materials to manufacturing and shipping processes, we strive to implement practices that protect the environment and result in healthy and sustainable products for our customers. We’re also committed to doing our part as a responsible corporate citizen by uncovering opportunity in our people and investing in our communities.